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Dysport is an injection used to treat adults with moderate to severe frown lines between the eyebrows (glabellar lines) in the forehead area. Dysport offers a convenient alternative to more invasive treatments that require incisions or surgery, and offers significant results that you can see for up to four months. Here at Botox and Filler by Curated Medical in Scottsdale, we’re proud to offer this Botox alternative. 

Botox and Dysport are two products that work to treat and prevent wrinkles. These are very safe and effective treatments and some of the most well-loved injectables! Botox Treatment at Scottsdale AZ and Dysport are the same type of product—called neuromodulators—and work to decrease fine lines and wrinkles by limiting the muscle movement in the area. Botox and Dysport help with dynamic lines, or wrinkles caused by this muscle movement.

Dysport is used to treat and prevent signs of aging in specific areas of the face. However there are other use cases for for Botox and Dysport including armpit injections for hyperhidrosis(excessive sweating), the masseters which can contribute to TMJ or jaw pain, and superficial necklines (“tech neck”).


Botox and Dysport are the same types of medication, they are just made by different companies. Botox is made by Allergan, and Dysport is made by Galderma. Both products last about 3 months and cost the same. We recommend trying both and seeing which one works better for you, it truly is a personal preference!

Botox and Dysport are very quick injections! Your appointment will be 30 minutes and will include a consultation where we will review your goals and create a treatment plan. The injections themselves only take a couple of minutes.

Before injecting Dysport, we will clean your skin with alcohol and use an erasable pencil to mark the areas we want to treat. We will then draw up the Dysport and inject the desired areas. It typically just takes a couple of minutes to do the injections. Afterward, you will have little pockets of fluid (“blebs”) that you may see for about 30 minutes until your body absorbs the liquid. Sometimes the area is a little red for a few minutes as well.

After Botox or Dysport you will need to avoid exercise, laying down, or putting pressure/pushing on the areas for 4-6 hours. Do not wear a hat or plan an eyelash appointment for after your Botox or Dysport.

You may start to see the results from Dysport in only a couple of days but it takes two weeks to see the final results.

Dysport typically lasts 3-4 months. Most of our clients come in for Dysport on this every 3-4 month schedule.

Dysport costs $4/unit and typically 90-210 units are needed. We do provide membership options which offer discounts on Dysport and we accept Aspire rewards.

The cost for Botox and Dysport treatments will vary based on the areas treated and amount of units needed. In Scottsdale, a typical price range is $250-600.

We can provide you with a much more accurate and affordable estimate after you come by our new luxury medical spa near Fashion Square and Paradise Valley!

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